Over the years, our members have been at the forefront of the struggle to gain equal housing for people of color. We have become the voice and conscience of the proponents of equal housing. Members of the NAREB® organization are referred to as “Realtist.” Although composed primarily of African-Americans and other minority real estate professionals, the Realtist organization is an integrated entity open to all qualified practitioners who are committed to achieving the ideals of the Realtist theme- “Democracy in Housing.”


Focuses on programs and incentives for Corporations and/or individuals actively engaged in the real estate industry.


Focuses on developing, outlining and implementing ongoing activities and events.

Public Affairs

Focuses on public awareness as well as federal, state and local legislation pertaining to the real estate industry and the community.


Offering comprehensive on going education classes/workshops to promote personal and professional development amongst it’s members and the community.


Utilizing methods of creating awareness.


Focuses on increasing and maintaining new and existing members.


Provides acknowledgement and support to the membership body.

Economic Development

Focuses on community development and the implementation of community projects.

*Please contact our office if you have an interest in joining or participating on a committee.

Cleveland Realtist Association, P.O. Box 201744, Cleveland, OH 44120

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