Over the years, our members have been at the forefront of the struggle to gain equal housing for people of color. On a local, state and national level, we have become the voice and conscience of the proponents of equal housing. Our committees play a vital role in the governance of our local chapter and fulfillment of our mission.


Focuses on increasing membership by bringing in new members while maintaining existing members.


Focuses on utilizing various methods to create awareness about the organization and its mission.

Public Action Committee (PAC)

Focuses on increasing public awareness on critical issues as well as federal, state and local legislation pertaining to the real estate industry and the community.

Realist Week

Focuses on planning CRA’s participation in NAREB’s Realtist Week events held annually in the month of April. Each day is dedicated to enhancing our members and the community through spiritual enlightenment, education, community service, social events and networking opportunities.

Young Realist

Focuses on initiatives to assist CRA in membership recruitment, education and development and homeownership opportunities.  These initiatives are planned with the young adult population in mind.


Focuses on evaluating the needs of the organization surrounding acquisitions, construction, renovations, remodeling etc. while leading initiatives surrounding such efforts.

Special/Signature Events

Focuses on the planning of CRA’s signature events including but not limited to: (1) Installation (2) Clean-up/Turn-up; (3) Women in Business and (4) The Annual Holiday Celebration.


Focuses on providing financial oversight for the organization.


Focuses on offering comprehensive and ongoing educational classes, workshops and seminars to promote personal and professional development among members and the community.


Focuses on the planning, development  implementation and monitoring of the organizations’ technology strategy and needs.

*Please contact our office if you have an interest in joining or participating on a committee.