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“One job and five hustles” has been the rule of thumb for Jermaine Brooks since childhood. “My dad always preached it,” he says. “It’s really about getting the most out of my day as possible.” A four-sport athlete and full-time student, having never missed a day of school (K-12), Jermaine started his hustle early on and hasn’t slowed since.

Upon graduating from Warrensville Heights High School, Jermaine attended Allegheny College to play football. Although he was a standout athlete and excelled in class, by the end of sophomore year, he still hadn’t achieved his goal of playing Division 1 football. Following the advice of his mentor, Jermaine left his starting position on the D3 team and transferred to Eastern Michigan University (a D1 school) with promises of a football scholarship.

Unfortunately upon arrival, Jermaine discovered that the coach who promised him a scholarship had resigned, leaving Jermaine as to fight for his position. Despite the disappointment, he competed, earned a full athletic scholarship, became a starting linebacker, and was named Defensive Captain. “Through athletics, I was able to see that the harder you worked, the more success loomed in your future.” Jermaine continued pursuing football, hired an agent, and set out for an NFL career. While playing, he learned about real estate investing. “Everyone always talked about it,” he says. This was the first time Jermaine ever heard anything about the inherent opportunity within real estate to create wealth and after being cut multiple times from various teams, he decided to return to Cleveland and jump into real estate. “I had no experience, no knowledge or anything. I just knew it was the thing to do.”

After selling several properties in both Cleveland and Detroit, Jermaine caught the attention of a hedge fund manager. They established a great relationship, and from there, Jermaine and his brother began rehabbing and renting more properties. At one point they had 55 properties that they purchased, rehabbed, rented, managed, and flipped. However, property management wasn’t very “sexy,” according to Jermaine. “It was boring, and not as glamorous as we had thought,” he says. “I obtained my real estate license in 2014 as a challenge to myself, to see what I could do in the business as a REALTOR®. (NOW REALTIST) And in some strange way, it seemed to place me back onto the football field. Each deal provided its set of challenges. And navigating to the finish line was like playing another down. It gave me that same rush of achievement that I missed from the lights on the field.”

Despite having over 276 listings and 240 closings in last 4 years, ranking #99 within the Best Real Estate Professionals in the United States by Real Trends, top 20% of agents at KWGM Jermaine is still considered a part-time agent. He is also employed with the City of Cleveland Department of Port Control and has been working with the city for the past 13 years. A full-time career in real estate is on the horizon for Jermaine. Jermaine has been instrumental in the creation of KW BRWN a committee within KW to ensure inclusion and diversity within the company. Jermaine has started the “List Sell & Buy Team” to share his knowledge, hustle, tenacity, grind, and motivation to assist others in their professional growth, especially in the African American community.