The Residential Lending team at First Federal Lakewood can help your clients acquire the perfect loan for a new home, home renovation or refinance. We offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and specialized loan programs to suit a variety of needs.

All with the highly personalized service of an independent, depositor-owned community bank who supports and understands the communities we serve — the very same communities where your clients live and work.

Featured Loan Offerings:

Fannie Mae HomeReady Loan®
Fannie Mae’s HomeReady® mortgage loan can help make it easier for low-to-moderate income borrowers to realize the exciting dream of home ownership. Affordable financing, flexible terms and great fixed rates are just the start of HomeReady’s® borrower-friendly benefits.

Fannie Mae HomeStyle® Renovation Loan
One easy loan that covers your new home or refinance, plus funds for repairs. By combining the money you need for repairs with the funds for a purchase or refinance, this new, dual-purpose loan is a more cost-effective way to renovate a home.

Low-cost Refinancing
Your clients can take advantage of our competitive rates and wide array of product specials to refinance their mortgage.

Community Loan Programs
We work with a number of organizations and municipalities who offer down payment assistance and grants to help make your clients’ dream home a reality.

Specialized Loan Programs
From Construction Loans to Doctor/Resident Loans to Jumbo Loans, we have a variety of specialized loan programs for your clients to choose from.

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