James E. Haynes Scholarship Fund & Competition

Believing in the importance of acknowledging and supporting highly motivated young people, the Cleveland Realtist Association (CRA) is offering financial assistance in the form of a scholarship, and along with some of our allied partners in the real estate industry, have formed the Cleveland Realtist Association Scholarship Fund, renamed the James E. Haynes Scholarship Fund (October 2015).

We got together and decided that promoting advanced education collectively and supporting the young educated professional in our area would be a joint and unified way to support our community and fill the need for qualified professionals in this “comeback” real estate market.

The purpose of the fund and it’s scholarship is three-fold: To support advanced education by promoting interest in the real estate industry, to reward and support motivated and ambitious young professionals seeking new opportunities, and to serve as a vehicle to sustain the legacy of integrity of CRA as one of the oldest minority trade associations in the nation, and pass it on from generation to generation.

The scholarships are designed to provide assistance to those who show interest, aptitude and promise of a productive real estate career. Self-motivated, ambitious and determined applicants are urged to apply.

The Cleveland Realtist Association is the local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), which formed in 1947. Although comprised primarily of African-Americans and other minority real estate professionals, the Realtist organization, and the scholarship competition, are open to all qualified individuals who are committed to achieving the ideals of the Realtist theme, “Democracy in Housing.”

We are reaching out to professionals striving to take the road to the real estate industry to reach their career home. A real estate career offers the self-motivated, ambitious and determined individual endless possibilities in this broad market. It allows the disciplined professional to utilize their education, market and sales skills to pursue a career that matches their efforts with exponential income potential. It offers the freedom of making your own schedule and the rewards of managing your own business. If these are some of your career goals, coupled with an entrepreneurial-spirit, apply for this opportunity by downloading an application.


  • The Cleveland Realtist Association will award scholarships to individuals interested in becoming a professional real estate agent.
  • Eligibility for a scholarship is based on the applicant’s intent to complete the required pre-post licensing education to become a licensed real estate professional.
  • The recipient of assistance will not be selected on the basis of scholarship alone, but on the basis of all factors which the Cleveland Realtist Association considers relevant, without regard to race, sex, color, ethnic origin, and religious belief or physical handicap.
  • Following completion, the application, including all attachments, must be sent directly to:

Cleveland Realtist Association
Attn: Debra Hamelin
P.O. Box 201744
Cleveland, OH 44120

or via e-mail at debra@harvardtitleagency.com

  • Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the educational institution which the applicant will be attending.
  • The recipient is expected to maintain academic and personal performance that upholds the legacy of integrity of the Cleveland Realtist Association.
  • The program is designed to assist students with the required pre-post licensing education to become a licensed real estate professional, the cost of testing for licensing, the required licensing cost for the first year of become a licensed real estate professional and first year membership in the Cleveland Realtist Association. In addition, each selected applicant will be assigned to a real estate Broker to serve as their sponsor/mentor.
  • The competition is open to anyone new to the real estate profession. The selection committee will give priority to applicants that are college graduates, or educational equivalent, and in the target age group of 23-35. Selected applicants will be interviewed by the selection committee.
  • As many applicants will be considered as funding is available.
  • The application requires the following additional information:

- An official, certified high school transcript, diploma or GED (if applicable)

- An official, certified college transcript or diploma (if applicable)

- A history of applicant’s employment (if applicable)

- A history of applicant’s community involvement (if applicable)

- Brief Q&A

Download Scholarship Application


Summer: June 30
Fall: September 30
Winter: December 31
Spring: March 31

Program Partners

Cleveland Realtist Association, P.O. Box 201744, Cleveland, OH 44120

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